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PCB 1.8

By Odd Håvard Skevik

The freewarecomputer programma PC Ballistics was developped by Odd Håvard Skevik of Norway. Long time ago (somewhere in the 1990s), PCB could be found at his own web site (

Waiting for Skevik's new web site, you can find PCB right here:

Download PCB V1.8 (72Kb).

PCB merely needs an IBM-PC compatible computer with 640K of RAM to run. It is still in DOS-style; Skevik has a Windows version under development (I've tried a beta release end of 2005).

PCB v1.8 has the following possibilities/characteristics :

Last update: March 2006. Re-load to Sport-Shooters-OTS: Oct 2018.